Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the St. Patty's Day Quest

I woke up at 10:30 this morning. I keep having these dreams where my vision is sickeningly fucked up, like i can't focus on anything, so my sleep was fitful and very scattered. My brother barges into my room and says "Wake up, we're going to a St. Patrick's Day parade!" and I realize, wait a minute, it really is St. Patty's day! I wasn't looking forward to the parade at first, but I like being with huge crowds, and boy was it crowded! I got totally decked out in green, from my nails to my kelly green FTSK shirt to my green striped tights under my awesome ripped jeans. I also wore green glitter eyeliner. Yeah, wow.

In a nutshell, it took us a whole effing hour to get a parking spot, and another 15 minutes to walk up and get to a scorching, noisy street corner filled with smoking, drinking people wearing green beads. Some dudes weren't wearing shirts and I have the suspicion that there were several crackheads in the mix. We spent about two hours walking around, we got some foot-long corn dogs which were my favorite, and then my mom said let's go and get some Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's.

This is where our biggest adventure began. We drove around for 45 minutes listening to shitty pop music on the radio. We got to the first McDonald's, staffed by morons, and their shake machine was down. What??

We drove right past the second McDonald's, then turned and drove through a practically abandoned strip mall parking lot to get to it. Guess what? They said the same exact thing: "Sorry, ma'am, our shake machine's down." What again??

The third was finally a success, but my mom was upset because they didn't have chocolate. Figures. But driving us around to 3 different McDonald's stores, just for a fricking shake...my mom is so good to her children. :) Anyways, this is Graco, clocking out on March 17, 09.

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