Monday, March 16, 2009

outdoor fights

Haha, I love being outside in nice weather. I hung out in my driveway most of the time...the small area that is my yard is hopelessly muddy and full of twigs. I was talking to my friend Ellie...and then my brother enters the scene. Jumped into a recycling dumpster. We got a huge kick out of that: carted him around all over the premises, then it was my turn! It was really cool :D We were going to get a "dumpster-cam" from inside, during a ride, and put it on YouTube, but...Ellie's camera was out of batteries. The highlight of the day was probably when me and my brother relapsed into brutally fighting each other (it always happens in the end) with plastic swords. Yeah. He takes this plastic ax and asks "Do you know what would kill you in real life?" and, stupidly, I say "No." Well, next thing I know, the ax has hurtled 20 feet and the blade part has smacked me squarely in the forehead. Damn, I should have seen that coming a million miles off. Of course I overreacted, giving him the finger and calling him a f*cking sperm-gargler. That was the first time I ever flipped someone off, like, for real. But I swear it hurt like hell!

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  1. heheheh sounds fun

    how'd your brother react to being called that?